Fashion bracelet Wholesale show rooms in YIWU China
Fashion  bracelet Wholesale show rooms in YIWU China
Fashion  bracelet Wholesale show rooms in YIWU China
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Yiwu Jewelry Market

· Location: 2nd Floor, District 1 of International Trade City.

· Scale: about 2,000 showrooms.

· Products: fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, classic jewelry, jewelry packing and displays.

· Opening hours: 09:00-17:00(GMT+08:00),7x365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Jewelry Market sits on the second floor in district one of Yiwu International Trade City . This entire floor is the home for around 3,000 booths of jewelries and hair accessories. Fully air-conditioned, cleaned up every day. So it's overall not bad, but sometimes it's pretty crowded with visitors and carry-out boys.

Jewelry Market Shops:

A typical booth is about 4X4X3 meters, has two or three shop assistants, and displaying products as much as possible. Rings, nose rings, men's hair bonds, kids' hair clips, gold plated necklaces, diamond rings... are all displayed here.

The segmentation is also good, you can find one stall only displaying a few styles kids hair clips, while its left hand neighbor having different styles, and its right hand neighbor only does hair bonds.

So you can easily know if they have what you want just by a single glance from outside.

Prices vary from a few cents to a few hundred dollars, and you can find really good dollar store items here. Minimum Oder varies from dozens pieces to a few hundreds.

Getting samples is quite impossible with most suppliers, unless they have spare ones.

Most of the shop assistants or shop owners, you can call them all "laoban", pronounced “Lorban”, have no difficulties quoting a price or dealing with other simple questions in English. But if you want to go further, you may need a translator.

And you'd better not expect warm service each time. After all, this is just a small city in China, the overall service level is not as good as in many developed countries.

Any Bargains In Yiwu Jewelry Market?

You can usually find some bargains. As this market is connecting with tens of thousands of factories. So there are clearance sales, or leftovers now and then. These items are usually much cheaper, yet have the same quality.

The hand chain was actually tailored for a buyer, but unfortunately the buyer reduced his order in the end. So these are leftovers. The necklaces are all clearance sales.