How many professional markets are there in Yiwu city

How many professional markets are there in Yiwu city


When we talking about yiwu market, it is generally a market system in Yiwu,, from stationary to toys, from jewelry to daily necessities, literally anything you can imagine in your daily life, most of the products can be found in Futian Market, this is the most visited one among all of them, attract hundred of thousands of visitors each day, for more information about these markets,you could contact us

How many professional markets are there in Yiwu city?
Yiwu market is divided into many different markets, including:

Specialized Markets

Brief Infomation

Art & crafts market

glass gifts, wooden gifts, crystal goods, bead &stone 
goods, Christmas gifts, and all kinds of handmade
goods etc.

Stationeries Market

pencil, fountain pen, ball pen, pencil box files and all 
kinds of office supply.

Accessories Market

handmade ring, earring, necklace, hair pin, wig, and 
all kinds of imitation jewelry etc.

Clocks & watches 

all kinds of electric/machine clocks& watches

Sports Goods Market

all kinds of sports and leisure goods( football, 
volleyball, badminton, stpper, bicycle, running 
machine, etc.)

Textile Market

clothes, cloth material, towel, and tie etc

Socks Market

all kinds of socks( 100% cotton, nylon materials)

Tool Market

screw driver, forceps, electronic tools, hand tools, 
garden tools, and all kinds of tool set

Toys Market

all kinds of toys (woolen toys, wooden toys, plastic 
toys ,electronic toys etc.)

Electric Products 

all kind of radio recorder, vcd/cd/mp3 player, 
earphone, microphone iron etc.

There also are Glasses Market, Umbrella Market, Kitchenware Market, Artifical Flower Market, Lace & Ribbon Market etc.

The map of yiwu futian market as follows: